Single-Storey House Plans

Single-Storey House Plans

We offer drawings for single-storey houses made of timber frame and Log Home.

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Two-Storey Houses' Plans

Two-Storey Houses' Plans

We can offer you full sets of technical drawings for the manufacture of Single-Storey Timber Frame or Log Built homes.


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  • Download and view samples of our Timber Frame House Plans for free!
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Looking for an architect or a manufacturer?

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Do you have a plot of land, green field or brown field?

Do you want a home that gives you a healthier quality of life?

Do you have earthquakes in your area?

Do you want a more restful night's sleep?

Do you want to build your own new home?

Do you live in rented accommodation and want to own your own home?

Do you want to start a business or expand your existing facilities but can’t find suitable premises?

Do you want a relaxing holiday home?

Are you intending to build a light-weight structure?

 THE SOLUTION ? :     A timber-framed, SIPS Panel or a Log House – all of them wind-resistant, damp and mould resistant and giving a happy, healthy living environment – can all be built in a very short time! You can either build them yourself or have them built for you by a professional construction company.

A 2-bedroom home can be built in just two weeks – and then can be expanded over time to suit your changing needs! The house will be delivered in the form of panels which are un-loaded from the wagon and erected very quickly.

These houses can be built on concrete foundations, concrete slabs, piles or even, depending on their purpose, second hand railway sleepers! Because of their light weight, the cost of suitable foundations is much less than for brick and block houses.


To have a timber-framed house is a way to escape from the concrete jungle of the city and to live in a healthier way, surrounded by Nature!

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Do you have detailed Architectural and Structural Drawings? Do you need them?

Question : Why do I need these drawings ?

Answer:   So you can take the first step which will be to make a list of the materials you will require so that you can accurately work out what your house will cost you to build. After that, if you like what your calculations are telling you, you have the drawings you need so you can build your house!

Question : How long will it take before you send me my drawings?


 Answer : They will be e-mailed to you within 5 minutes when you purchase on-line through PayPal.

We give a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT promise if you lose your drawings for any reason!


                                                                                                Prices start  from  only 24.99 Euro!

We will send you the complete set of Drawings again by e-mail, completely free of charge.

We can also send you printed drawings by courier, but there will be an additional charge for that service.

If you aren’t satisfied with our services, we will return your money, all 100% of the payment!

We will also allow you to keep the drawings!

Is your Project for a timber-frame house built on-site; off-site manufactured and delivered in OSB-clad panels; Garden Houses; Canadian Houses;  Granny Flats; house extensions;  a garage; a timber sauna; LOG cabins?

JirmaN Engineering offers you a design service for all of these!

  Advantages for wooden houses :


     Very good earthquake resistance – the resistance and elasticity of wood gives to wooden houses a very good earthquake resistance because of the capacity of absorbing seismic waves and to support  over weight without bracking.

  • Fonical and thermical isolator – is the best natural material that is thermical and fonical isolator, that contribuates in decreasing energetic spendings and offering an excellent thermical confort, no matter what the season is.
  • Optimal interior humidity – it has an increase diffusion capacity that assures a permanent gas and aer trade an a high absorber level that sustains the balance between the humidity of the wood and the one from the interior room.

For timber framed houses we specify under-floor heating.

For smoke evacuation from the fire-place we could specify double-isolated chimneys.



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