WHY US ???

1. Respect and kindness for civil servants, and for them to be nicer and smile more,  we offer 30% discount of the price of any drawing for bugetary workers !

2. Because we care about the persons who has small budget, and we don’t want to get rich despite others poverty, and because we search for a better cause for everyone, we offer 50% discount for the special olimpics, for retired workers and for students  !

3. Because you don’t have to worry that the process will long to much or for our lack of punctuality, we guarantee that we will offer the drawings from our website in maximum 72 hours after receiving all the necessary information !

4. Because we care for your spare time, we will travel to your place for measurements or checkings of the development executed !

5. Because we don’t need all the money before. The advance needed for our work is 50% !

6. Because we offer clear and simple informations. We compile technical documentation with 3D pictures before the realization of the drawing for easy visualization !

7. Because you don’t have to pay other money for a technical consultance . We are offering profesional expertise and technical consultance FOR FREE !

8. Because you pay 19% less , we don’t lay a tax for V.A.T ! We offer service packages which can include incoming utility services, foundations, structural erection, external finishes and internal fit-out. We can even include all the mechanical and electrical installations.

9. Because we are different . We are the only ones who offer our 2D and 3D structural drawings with the text translated into any EU language, as well as Russian, as required by the EuroCode Annex.

10.Because the best uses what's the best . We use dedicated software for the structural design of all our timber structures and for our reinforced concrete foundations !

11. Because you won’t have to worry for our lack of experience . We designed and built over 1000 civil, industrial and agricultural constructions from 2007 , and in these 10 years we have managed to learn from our mistakes and pass through all the situations, so that now are able to offer the best services with the highest safety !


12. Because we care about our collaboration and our intentions are to put you in top place, as so we recommend you only the best and appreciable manufacterers.

13. Because we only ever offer our clients buildings to meet their needs which are designed on structural calculations!

14. Because our road is  ascending and we are a succesfull  brand :

15. Because ee only give our clients extremely detailed plans with Microsoft Excel files for all the materials that will be needed.

16. Because we don’t want to earn money that aren’t reflecting our work  for you, we are offering GUARANTEE FOR OUR SERVICES . No matter what reason, if you aren’t satisfied of what you get, we instantly give you back all your money !

17. Because we have a timber-frame Show House in Brasov - everyone is welcome to come and familiarise themselves with the structural technology.

18.  Because we care for your health, we wish for all out customers to live in a healty environment in the middle of the nature

19. Because we are a young, enthusiast and cheerful team, and our collaboration will be a certain pleasure. We will find for you solutions where other will find only excuses !

20. Because we want our collaboration to be continuos and respect the devoted customers . As so, for the ones that sticks to us we are offering  the second drawings at   50% discount !

21. Because we are offering you, for free, at your demand, a tree that you will plant at the opening for your new house. You will watch him growing with your family each day, and the feeling is going to be wonderfull. It will be your  tree house !

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