Offers and special packages for manufacturers

Manufacturers of timber frame and log-home houses have a hard work to do untill their houses are erected ; workers usually check the dimensions by simple mathematical calculations, do several measures before they cut the elements, and this is why their houses fits perfect on site during the erection.

SC JirmaN Engineering SRL - offers its services in order to facilitate the production of  timber frame and Log Home houses. You will immediately see progress ~ the production time will be considerable reduced.

By using computer softwares, recognized in worldwide,  for the structural analysis of timber frame houses in accordance with Eurocode, we provide safe projects. On demand we can provide a complete computing summary and structural analysis results.

To view a free timber-frame project, please click on the picture below, the project is recommended for viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1:





   GARAGE FREE PLANS                                                             TOOLHOUSE PLANS                                  LITTLE HOUSE 83MP PLANS

PRICE 95 Euro, NOW  FOR FREE !                                           Price 125 Euro, NOW  FOR FREE !                            Price 290 Euro, NOW FOR FREE !





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