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               Log-Built Houses :

   Log houses are built with circular, semi-circular or rectangular sections of timber. The timber can be natural wood or manufactured, using pieces of wood resin-bonded together . The component parts are carefully selected to give the house  that "Log Cabin" look which is rustic, aesthetic and very pleasing in appearence. 

    For the rounded beams, each log is manually inspected, has the bark removed and then has its actual position in the finished structure determined depending on its individual characteristics. How it fits into the adiacent logs is decided using a simple tool : a pair of  compasses ! These are what are used  to give the perfect final fit, but that isn't quite the end of it. Each type of log, depending on the type of tree from which it came, has its own characteristics. As a rule-of-thumb, a log house takes three years after erection for a log house to finally settle, under it own weight, into its final position. The joints have to be calculated and cut to accomodate this settlement. Not quite simple as we thought, is it ?

       The semi-circular beams are used similarly, but with energy conservation in mind. They are used to build both an  inner and  an outer wall . Both have an aesthetic appeal of solid log, but have the advantage of a cavity between them which helps conserve heat in the home.

        The rectangular timber beams with a smaller cross-section are used for smaller structures such as garden houses, children's play houses or home garden offices. The larger square beams, with dimmensions over 150 mm, are extremely elegant and are used for such things as rustic restaurants extensions, expositions and, why not, Holiday Homes !          


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