CUSTOMED PROJECTS


    When we decide to build a house, no matter of what type it is, we need to have an advised project from an architect and an engineer with right for signing.

From this we might have two situations :

  • We may appeal to a project already made , delivered from the constructor, that is mandatory to be seen from an architect
  • We may appeal to an architect who will make a special and generalized project for your house.

    In the same way  things are going when you buy clothes. We could buy it from a magazine where is already serial made, or , in case we want for the clothes to fit perfectly, we appeal for a tailor. The difference for clothes is that we may try them two or three times before we find the perfect fit for us, but when we build a house we cannot afford to do this.

 Both versions are good, but the last one offers you a generalized project treated carefully and specially for your needs and wishes.

                       Why wooden houses?

Because they are made from natural material created by nature, often also called ecological and bio,  wooden houses are the constructions that are use the most often in the entire world. The wood is the material that have been used from the very ancient times of human existence. The uses and knoledge of wood nature, first for establishments and after for industrial purpose ,generated a lot of handicrafts, important industrial fields and arts with deep semnifications for cultural, spiritual and economical life of many nations.

For the recovery of forestier wood and assuring the necessary quantity for the supply of wooden industrials and constructions, in every country it  is applied a dynamic policy, are puted efforts for increasing the volume and the quality of the woods by extending the exploitations zones, ameliorations of the species and reforestation of open ground fields with high growing species.

               The first wooden constructions and especially bridge constructions dates from the sclavagist regime and was builted in antique Rome. Using roman army, Apolodor from Damasc builted a wooden bridge above the Danube , near Drobeta-Turnu-Severin, having a length of 1070 metres. It was builted in order to roman’s emperor Traian’s expedition in Dacia, being realized from wooden arches supported over rock pillons.


The wooden construction’s classification presents a practical importance, contributing efficiently in choosing rational and economical constructive solutions in designing.

The most requested nowadays are wooden structure houses, that aren’t different from the classical concrete ones because of the plates and finishing, which are looking in the same way, and also blockhouses- beam wooden structures (post and beam) , which imposses a different architecture, and being different through the rustical design, where the colour and the smell of wood charmes the owners to spend their vacances , or why not their lifes into them.







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